Yesterday, just before lunch, my wife and I jumped into the car and drove fifty-five miles to Lake Cowichan. The day was gorgeous, and the opportunity to see some new territory here on the Island seemed too good to miss. For years, before coming down here to Victoria to retire, I always wondered what the former logging town, now retirement community of Honeymoon Bay really looked like other than the pictures available on the web. There was also the prospect of looking around Camp Imadene, a Christian retreat my sister and brother-in-law were forever talking about. In the space of seven hours, we accomplished an incredible number of things just by hitting the road and going to places we had only heard of before:
A. Got to see quite a bit of residential West Duncan away from the highway;
B. Learned that there were a couple of routes to Lake Cowichan;
C. Saw first hand how important the forests are to this region;
D. Sat out and read for two hours on a local beach with an exceptional view of the Vancouver Island mountains in the background;
E. Visited and nosed around Honeymoon Bay and took a picture of a quaint little church;
F. Stopped in to see the very impressive Bible campgrounds;
G. Had supper out in Duncan at a popular family restaurant called Dog House;
H. Enjoyed the sunny weather;
I. Went for a walk along a very long floating dock;
J. Took lots of pictures of the fall colors;
K. Burned a quarter of a tank of gas in a good cause.