Talk about an oxymoron verging on the blasphemous! I recently heard of a religious movement in England that claims to have over a thousand followers and growing. Its members gather every Sunday to sing hymns, reminisce about life and celebrate personal accomplishments. No negativity is allowed along with any mention of God. They call themselves a religion that comes together to worship life, and God, as a supreme being, only gets in the way. Everyone is welcome as long as they leave any mention of a supreme being at the door. So much for readying oneself for the next life. These guys want us to focus on the here and now with the hope that by coming together in a unity of human spirit and endeavour, the problems of this present life will be miraculously replaced by its many hidden joys, but without God in the room. I have news for them: they don’t need to create a new following to realize this irreligious outcome. Just agree to meet with your pals once a week in a bar and commit to talking about the good life till closing time. It will help if you get good and plastered while you talk because that is what it will likely take to suppress the subconscious problems that threaten to make our lives miserable without God.