Here is another problem facing the post-industrial economy both here in Canada and the USA. Technology continues to displace workers in the job market. On NPR this morning I heard a five-minute-long talk about a construction company in Colorado that has all the requisite parts for their houses predesigned, robotically made and assembled in large sections before being shipped to the site for quick and easy assembling by a team of builders one-tenth the normal size. Gone is the need for hiring someone to pound nails, build forms, pour concrete, install windows, frame, read and interpret plans, drywall and dozens of other time-consuming tasks. The contractor in the piece looked at this innovative form of building as both cost- and time-saving, which begs the question as to what we do now with the surplus labor created by these technological advances. My answer is simply this: send them back, if they are young enough, to school to retrain them in the skills to modify and service this technology as it gains in popularity.