Some low-brain criminal type sent a human foot in a parcel to Conservative Party headquarters today. Such action is so wrong on two different counts. Dealing with body parts under these conditions is considered both a crime under the Criminal Code and a morally reprehensible act. Further to that, the CBC should be publicly pilloried for even opening the story for public response, most of which is gutter humour at its worst, bad puns included. From the state of things, one might think that the CBC has made its objective with this story to stir up strife and mirth over a socially troubling situation. This is truly an unconscionable act that has criminal implications. Shame on the CBC for opening this story up to public postings. This kind of despicable act usually happens when someone lets their personal outrage seek new lows of public expression. Hope they catch the person and make him, her or them pay big time. This is bad or yellow journalism on the part of our national broadcaster for not taking the opportunity to control the story for the better good of society. Such an irresponsible act proves to me that this institution is in serious need of reviewing its public policies.