An increasing number of career politicians these days seem to be dropping out because of health issues. Like Yvonne Jones, leader of the Nfld/Labrador opposition, there is disappointment to be felt because such a move often means saying goodbye to an opportunity to assert an even greater influence on public policy if only one were allowed to stay and finish the task. Well, I have news for you: being a politician is a demanding job and to do it well requires being in the best of health. Obviously, Ms. Jones doesn’t have it because of a low white blood-cell count due to cancer surgery. Politics, like a lot of other things, means absolutely nothing when you’re fighting to recover your health. I learned that lesson back in 1999, and it changed my whole perspective on my job/career for the better. I wish this woman the best in her fight to regain control of her life. Like with Jack Layton, it is a most personal and private affair.