Jonathon May-Bowles, a jackass hoser of sorts, has turned up in London’s Magistrates Court to face charges of assault and causing mischief for throwing a cream pie in Rupert Murdoch’s direction during his public testimony about the Hackinggate scandal. Ordinarily, since this is a summary offence, the sentence would follow immediately. Perhaps, the judge is taking the week-end to consider handing down tougher sentencing given the flurry of events already swirling around News Corp. You wouldn’t want any more pie to interrupt the start of a national inquiry. Can you imagine pie throwers like this guy coming every day to the public inquiry ready to do mischief? Before too long, the government would have to close down the public part, and we wouldn’t get to see the real truth behind this scandal: all because the courts decided not to throw the book at this clown for wrecking the democratic process. Maybe this guy was hired by Murdoch to make a mockery of the proceedings in the first place: another conspiracy perhaps? Another pie in the face of democracy, one might wonder.