Making Sense of Brexit

This morning Brits awoke to the new political reality that now prevails across the kingdom: there is no easy path to leaving the European Union by March 29, 2019. For starters, the plan for a soft Brexit, or gradual withdrawal… Continue Reading →

The Whole Argument Turns On a Question

What many of us don’t realize in this modern era of social media is that Donald Trump is more than just a populist gasbag whose crazy talk far exceeds his capacity to produce results. What most people who don’t like… Continue Reading →

Arnaldur Indridason’s “The Shadow Killer” – Reykjavik during the War

I like Indridason’s latest crime series for what it says about Iceland during the Second World War. Until now his stories, involving the exciting exploits of Inspectors Erlunder and Sigurdur, cover a modern country as it grapples with bigtime crime,… Continue Reading →

Life in Community-Part 1

It is surprising that many who live in community do not clearly understand the guidelines that govern its daily operations. For instance, if it is a condo strata, the rules or by-laws are formed, in conformity with existing state legislation,… Continue Reading →

The Little Things in Life

This past couple of days has driven home for me the need to pay more attention to the small details in my very complex life. One, I should never conclude what I haven’t thoroughly checked out first, and, two, those… Continue Reading →

“The Real Lolita”

For many years I have come to regard Vladimir Nabokov’s “Lolita” as a classic masterpiece that captures the crazy hidden pleasures of illicit love. The story covers the experiences of a middle-aged man who seduces a young girl into coming… Continue Reading →

Gleanings from some great books

So what is Malcomson up to reading this Christmas? Remember, he is the right-wing moderate who is retired with so much time on his hands that if he didn’t have a book to turn to, he would drive his dear… Continue Reading →

Never Close

This latest BC electoral reform referendum was supposed to give voters the clear choice between the status quo and change. As one who campaigned vigorously for the ‘ No’ side, I really thought that democracy and First Pass the Post… Continue Reading →

Not a Good Bet

Last night I noticed that the nations of the world wound up their latest UN summit in Poland where emissaries from over 160 countries got together to set the rule book for enforcing new emission standards for fighting climate change…. Continue Reading →

A Mary Poppins’ Experience

Every so often I like to do a major overhaul in my life. That means out with the old and in with the new, in the hope that I can still improve with age. Like in the iconic movie, where… Continue Reading →

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