Which Way to Turn?

We are living in times of potentially great cultural, economic and political paradigm shifts,  where baby boomers like  me give way to millennials, where fossil fuels are replaced by green energy, traditional churches are supplanted by less conventional forms of… Continue Reading →

Horgan vs. Wilkinson

Tonight was supposed to be the time when all my doubts about Proportional Representation (PR) were going to be resolved in a half hour television debate between Premier Horgan and Leader of the Opposition Andrew Wilkinson. What I got instead… Continue Reading →

Plugged Up!

For the past week I have been living with plugged ears. I woke up last Sunday morning with an extraordinary feeling: both my ears were solidly blocked with wax and I couldn’t hear a blessed thing.  I tried to stretch… Continue Reading →

“Sharkwater Extinction”

I went with Belle last night to watch Rob Stewart’s posthumous film on the plight of sharks the world over. “Sharkwater Extinction” is one of those signature documentaries that says a lot simply by telling a compelling story filled with… Continue Reading →

Action Packed Days and Nights

A friend ask me the other day what I stood in greatest need of, half expecting me to say sleep, prayer, or rest. After a momentary hesitation, I replied that I literally needed more time in my busy day to… Continue Reading →

The Potentially Divisive Face of Local Politics

I have just come off a grueling five week political campaign at the municipal level, and feel like my time has been poorly spent in terms of overall results. Sure, there was big time change, with a number of big… Continue Reading →

Pot is Legal, Not Safe

Talk about a hollow victory: as of this morning, the sale and consumption of marijuana is legal per regulations that make It illegal to sell to a minor, sell outside a certified dispensary, and smoke in a public space or… Continue Reading →

Break the Slate?

This past month I have spent considerable time helping some political friends get elected here in Greater Victoria. The group I am associated with is called United for Saanich, which is headed up by the incumbent mayor, one councillor, and… Continue Reading →

Nothing Like the Present to be Thankful

Here are some things to be thankful to God for: 1. My wife’s continued decent health; 2  A great church family to worship and fellowship with; 3. Decent eyesight for reading and enjoying the beauty of life; 4. Hearing that… Continue Reading →

Staying Put

Our church is going through some major changes these days, with some less easy to adjust to than others. For the close to seventy years I have been attending Sunday morning services, I have rarely found the style of worship… Continue Reading →

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