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A Weird and Fascinating Novel of Yesteryears

I have just finished Paul Auster’s “The Book of Illusions” and feel strangely compelled to share some literary impressions that have been building up over the last month of periodic reading. To begin with, it was a romping good story,… Continue Reading →

A Big Decision

Sometime tomorrow, BC premier, John Horgan, will step to the mike in the briefing room at the legislature and announce to the province the fate of the Site C dam project. Tough decision that could solidify or break his tenuous… Continue Reading →

A Week in the Life of a Follower of the News

It  is plain to see that we are increasingly living in a world that seems to defy patterns on a regular basis, whether it be the weather, politics, the economy, public projects, housing prices, sports, or even the internet. Nothing,… Continue Reading →

Separation of Church and State?

Talk about a thorny and potentially divisive issue that is now being addressed in the US Congress tax reform package.The framers of this massive omnibus bill, besides proposing a major overhaul of the tax system, have included a clause that… Continue Reading →

Not Really Election Reform

The new BC Constitutional Act prepares the way for a provincial plebecite on electoral reform for late next year. According to Les Layne, senior journalist for the Times Colonist, this newly created statute is looking more and more like a… Continue Reading →

Another Failure to Act?

This is a time when public morality and political accountability have conveniently gone silent in western democracies. The forces of the Left and Right have basically thrown in the towel as to who needs to clean up the glaring messes… Continue Reading →

An Afternoon to Remember

This past Tuesday, I did something I have never done before: attend a memorial service for someone I never knew personally. Reena Virk was a happy-go-lucky school girl of Indo-Canadian birth who was murdered twenty years ago on the Gorge… Continue Reading →

Understanding the Culture of Entitlement

For  years, many of us who either subscribed to People’s magazine or glanced at it while waiting for our groceries to be checked through had no problem understanding how fast and loose the Hollywood culture really is. Directors, actors and… Continue Reading →

The Height of Hypocrisy

Back in 2015 the Trudeau Liberals launched an election campaign to clean up corruption in government and root out delinquent taxpayers and offshore tax evaders. Two years later, after successfully winning the confidence of the Canadian electorate, it has now… Continue Reading →

Tiger is Right

Recently Tiger Woods announced to the golfing world that he was coming back to play the tour after more than two years off with a multitude of aggravating issues. While in rehab, which included ongoing drug counselling and work on… Continue Reading →

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