Housing For The Poor

The NDP government in this province has an ambitious plan to build over 400k modular homes, over the next decade, as its answer to the growing need for affordable housing. It has already started a number of projects on public… Continue Reading →

Things Are Looking Up

A few months back my wife and I faced a major decision when it came to facing major changes at our church. Firstly, the leadership, at this time, was looking at moving to a more contemporary style of worship music… Continue Reading →


Back in 1969, I graduated from Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary in Surrey, BC. Back then, the school boasted an enrollment of 500 students with a modest athletic program of three sports: basketball, track and rugby. If anything, my particular class had… Continue Reading →

How Democracies Die -Part 2

This past week in politics has given me fresh fuel for stoking the argument that democracy is in trouble for its chronic inability to reach a meaningful consensus. With the SNC Lavalin scandal becoming full blown, with the spotlight being… Continue Reading →

How Democracies Die

If democracy is the political process by which people get to participate in choosing who governs them, then all should work out for the best. The majority or plurality of votes in favor of one candidate versus another, for public… Continue Reading →

Making More Sense of a Scandal

A week after writing a blog on the SNC Lavalin scandal out of Ottawa, I am prepared to do a follow-up in an attempt at further clarification. What I know now, as opposed to then, is enough, I feel, to… Continue Reading →

Waiting Out a Scandal

There is a strategy out there for surviving political scandals that amounts to damage control. It usually comes in a variety of forms, all with one goal in mind: wait out the problem in the hope that it will be… Continue Reading →

Talk About a Snowfall

Over the past month or so lovely Victoria, that Canadian Eden that rarely sees snow, cold weather, or high winds like the rest of the country, has been buffeted by all three in large quantities. This last week, halfway through… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Expanding One’s Interests

Too often we get locked into positions that limit our appreciation for life. We either feel comfortable about the little we know or terribly apprehensive about what we might be missing out on. To guard against being hung up between… Continue Reading →

Outfoxed Once Again

I went into this season’s Super Bowl once again with no dog in the fight. With no Pack to back, I decided to go with the Pats because of my deep respect for Belichick as a successful coach. From my… Continue Reading →

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