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Wising up to Trump

There are many of us who are still trying to wrestle with the larger-than-life public persona of Donald Trump, America’s 45th president, as he continue to weigh in on and influence the outcome of world affairs. This past week has… Continue Reading →

Honoring Forty Years of Marriage

I don’t think of myself as an incontrovertible romantic who only sees life through rose-colored spectacles, so when I describe forty years of marriage to a wonderful lady, I am not exaggerating to cover up or pretend what was never… Continue Reading →

Driving In The City

We have now reached the seven-year plateau of living in the big city of Victoria. While we feel, more than ever, comfortably ensconced in our life here, to the point of erasing memories of a former abode, we are still… Continue Reading →

Turn Them In

No wonder criminal gang activity appears to be on the upswing in Canada, if recent turf wars in Toronto and  Vancouver are anything to go by. Public appeals to politicians to tighten the screws on these perps seem to go… Continue Reading →

Alec Ryrie’s “Protestants” – Lurching From One Crisis to the Next

The history of modern Protestantism presented here is one of moving in any number of directions in search of the ideal form of Christian worship and livelihood. Five hundred years of struggling to find that elusive religious identity that both… Continue Reading →

A Week at the Gym

As members of the local library my wife and I got to use the recreational pass for a week. This offered us unlimited access to the gym, swimming pool and special drop-in classes. As one who has already done a… Continue Reading →

The Winding Up of an Estate

It has taken months but the end is near. The last of my mother’s earthly effects are in the process of being disposed of. Furniture, clothes, books, pictures and fine china have either been given to charity or found a… Continue Reading →

In Tough

This past week I entered an open pairs tournament at my lawn-bowling club. Lots of heavy rollers and rolling in evidence this week-end, and certainly not the place for the faint of heart. So what do I do in my… Continue Reading →

Change For The Better!

There are many of us who become somewhat suspicious or deeply troubled upon hearing yet another announcement that we should get used to the fact that life as we know it is about to change. What we were getting comfortable… Continue Reading →

Learning to Make Sense of Life

This past week has been yet another steep learning curve in my life where I have had to dig deep in order to make sense of a number of personal challenges coming my way, whether it be on the bowling… Continue Reading →

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